Power ISA Transactional Memory

Power.org is releasing a preliminary specification of the Power ISA’s extension for transactional memory support.  Transactional memory is an important new programming model that is intended to simplify the development of shared memory software.  Transactional memory will enable many kinds of multi-threaded programs to be developed more efficiently while yielding performance comparable to that achievable with fine-grained locking protocols with much less effort.

We make this preliminary specification available to facilitate the development of toolchain support, libraries, and language standards and to enable software developers to become familiar with the Power ISA Transactional Memory architecture and to plan for future projects.

The content of this preliminary release is presented as a series of incremental changes to the current architecture.  Each change is introduced by a brief description, and consists of an excerpt from the existing architecture document with change bars indicating the new or changed material.  To appreciate the full context of the extension, we recommend to use this specification in conjunction with a copy of the Power ISA Version 2.06 Revision B.

Download-Power-ISA-Transactional-Memory — (838K .pdf)