Thursday October 18, 2012 – Thursday October 18, 2012

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Comprehensive PMU Event Reference – POWER7

There are currently 557 events that can be measured using the POWER7

Performance Monitor Unit instrumentation. These events can be measured using tools like hpmcount (AIX) and perf (Linux). This document provides details on each event and how it is triggered. Each entry lists the event name, a brief event description and a detailed description. This is a reference document for anyone interested in characterizing the performance of an application on POWER7 systems.

Commonly Used Metrics for Performance Analysis – POWER7

The first step in optimizing an application is characterizing how well the application runs on a POWER7 system.

First, this paper briefly covers the POWER7 execution pipeline and the PMU hardware. Then it introduces some AIX and Linux tools that can be used to collect hardware events. Finally, the paper discusses several useful sets of metrics that can characterize how applications run on POWER7 subsystems.
While not an exhaustive list, these metrics do cover many common areas of concern such as the CPI stack, address translation and memory fabric utilization.