Power Architecture Silicon Roadmap

Power Architecture silicon can be found in a breathtaking range of electronic equipment, from the world’s fastest supercomputers to the minute automotive controllers in more than half the new car models on today’s roads. The scalability, flexibility and customization of Power Architecture technology has helped make it one of the most widely used and successful processor architectures in the world.

Power Architecture silicon comes in many forms and configurations, including ASSPs, ASICs, FPGAs and licensable IP. They’re offered by several well-respected suppliers experienced in optimizing silicon for end systems.

Power.org has cataloged the major Power Architecture product groups known today in a unified roadmap. (Please note that clicking on the bars below will provide you more information on a particular product family by redirecting you to the vendor’s web site.)

Updated Power Architecture Roadmap (2013)

Click on the link below:

Power Architecture 2013 Roadmap

1. All dates are estimates only and are subject to change without notice or obligations.
2. Some offerings shown above are not available as standard product offerings.
3. Additional processor options may be available from other vendors.

Linley Group – MPR Cover Story on Power Architecture Technology and Roadmap

Power.org has recently published an update to the Power Architecture® silicon roadmap.  The roadmap continue to signal strong growth in existing and new markets. The cover story of the August 2010 Microprocesor Report from The Linley Group  “PowerPC Covers the Highs and Lows,” provides an in-depth look at Power Architecture technology and the roadmap.

MPR Cover Story